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Stian Pedersen

Stian Pedersen is without doubt one of the most well know riders in the world of the Icelandic horse. Stian started riding already as a 9-year old boy, and has since been in the absolute elite, both nationally and internationally. His highest achievements have been in World Championships, with 4 gold medals at World Championship in 2007 with Jarl from Midtkrika and 1 gold medal I World Championship in 2009 with Tindur from Varmalæk. In addition, he has 3 silver medals from World Championships both in 2003 and 2005 with Jarl from Midtkrika. Stian is also Nordic Champion in tolt with his own breed Globus from Jakobsgården in 2012. Stain was the first rider to achieve gold in World Championships both in T1, F1, and V1.

In addition to growing up with horses fromyoung age, stain has a formal education from Hòlar Agricultural University at Iceland from 1995. The practical part he did with the famous rider at Iceland, Sigurjørn Bardarson at Oddhóli. Furthermore, Stian is educated in equestrian knowledge and trained as certified instructor (RIK II).

Stian has his own stable at Jakobsgården in Hjelvika. More information about Stian at www.stallsp.no.

Alf  Bjørseth

Alf Bjørseth got his education in chemistry at the University of Oslo with a dr. degree in physical chemistry in 1979. His interest for Icelandic horses are of relatively new date, but he is now engaged both a s rider and in breeding of Icelandic horses. In breeding, the goal is to use all available information within biochemistry and genetics to improve quality of breeding.

Alf lives in Oslo, but the breeding activities are based on his farm in Värmland, Sweden, in cooperation with other partners. See also his homepage www.hillringsbergislandshest.com.

Alf is also member of the Board of the Norwegian Environmental and Bioscience University (NMBU) at Ås.


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